The Central Govt of India is providing Free Covid-19 Vaccine for All Indians, you just have to use the Vaccine Slot Finder to find the availability and Book your Vaccine slot.

The major platform that I also have used to check and book my Vaccine Slot is Paytm Vaccine Slot Finder. But if you are using the Telegram App then you can get a daily Vaccine Availability message too.

There are two vaccines available for free in India (Covaxin & Covishield) and both can be booked online using the Paytm Vaccine SlotFinder or Telegram Vaccine SlotFinder by

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How does Vaccine Slot Finder work?

The Vaccine Slot finder tool is originally owned by Central Govt India and it is available on Government Apps (Cowin App, Arogya Setu). But by using the API key access to this tool many private websites and Apps have designed their own Vaccine Slotfinder and Vaccine Booking System.

Here I will share two of them that you can use to find the availability of vaccines and book the covid-19 vaccine.

  1. Paytm Vaccine Slot Finder
  2. Vaccine Slot Finder Telegram Channel

The Telegram channel is managed by the “” website and there are separate channels for all Districts in India.

Paytm Vaccine Slot Finder Tool

How to Use Paytm Vaccine Slot Finder?

To use this Vaccine SlotFinder you need to install the Paytm App and Sign up on Paytm. Then you will see this option.

  • Open the Paytm App and look for Vaccine Finder option.
  • Click on the Vaccine Finder and you will see two Options Search By PIN Code & Search By District
  • Choose any one option and Enter your Pincode or Select your State and District.
  • Then Select Age Group from 18+ OR 45+.
  • Then Click on Check Availability Button to see Available Vaccine on Vaccine Centers in your District.
  • You can select any Date from next 7 Days.

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How to Use Vaccine Slot Finder Telegram Channel?

This Vaccine SlotFinder Telegram channel is owned by the “” website that is part of helthifyme.

  • First visit the Website and you will see Telegram Alert title.
  • Below that select your State and Then Select your District.
  • Then One Telegram Channel Button will get appear click on that button to join the channel.
  • Now You can pin that channel in your Telegram Chat and check daily Available Vaccine Slots.
Vaccine Slot finder Telegram Channel Alert

Bonus Trick to Find Available Vaccine and Book a Slot:

This Trick is also part of HealthifyMe and you can follow the steps given below to check vaccine availability in your district.

  • First Visit the Vaccine SlotFinder by VaccinateMe
  • Then you will see two options District and Pincode
  • Choose any one option and Either Select your State and District or Select the PIncode and Enter your Picode.
  • Then Select any from Dose 1 OR Dose 2 according to your vaccine dose.
  • Then Click on the Check Slots button to search for Available Vaccine Slots nearby you.

Final Words:

Vaccine Slot Finder is available on many websites and Apps you just need to use anyone. Now some of the Government hospitals also helping people to book their vaccine slot from the vaccine center itself. If you don’t know just visit your nearby government hospital and ask for their help.

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