Today I am going to show you the reality behind Dhani One Freedom Card. Some Youtube Reviews, Card Charges, and how much money you will need to use this Dhani Instant Loan card?

It is near about impossible that you have not seen Dhani Advertisement about Up to ₹ 5L credit @ 0% interest. But this is only a shining part lets see what’s behind this?

There are good and bad sides to Dhani one Freedom Loan Card, and if you are not on an urgent loan then you should not apply for this card.

Dhani One Freedom Card Offers:

Let’s start with the good review, Here are some offers you get when you use Dhani One Freedom Card.

  • Up to 5,00,000 Lack INR Loan at 0% Interest.
  • You get 3 Months/ 3 EMI for Free Repayment
  • Dhani Wallet Cashback on Few Brand Purchase
  • 2% Cashback on every transaction
  • 1 Free Dhani RuPay Card

This is what I found online you will see the same info on Dhani’s official website. Read the information again carefully about what you are getting when you apply for this card. Then we will talk about what they take from us when you become a customer.

Dhani One Freedom Card Review - Fake or not

Dhani One Freedom Card Charges:

Here are some hidden charges that you won’t see in any advertisement. If you are doing good research then you will find these charges. Please note all charges are not accurate, if you want to know the real amount you can call Dhani Customer care and ask them.

  • When you Use Dhani Rupay Card EMI – ₹150 Stamp dury charge
  • Monthly Subscription Fee as Dhani Subscriber – ₹125 Minimum
  • Physical Rupay Card Delivery Charges – ₹60
  • Bank EMI Missout Penalty if any – ₹500 (by bank)

Dhani App asks you to link them with your bank account with NACH ECS, this is an online cheque system that allows Dhani to automatically deduct the EMI and Subscription Amount, without asking you again.

Dhani One Freedom Card Apply Online: Process

If you want to apply to Dhani One Freedom Card, here is the step-by-step guide you can follow. As it is an online process you won’t have to fill up any form and attach xerox copies.

  • First you need to download the Dhani App from Play Store.
  • Then Sign up on Dhani App and you will get a Credit Limit (₹2000 to ₹1,00,000)
  • Credit Limit depends on your Credit score.
  • Now below the Credit limit you will see One Freedome Card click on the option
  • Then Complete your Card Application, then Bank details, and Ekyc of Adhar.
  • Then Dhani will ask you to Pay a monthly Subscription ₹125 Minimum (Auto Debit every month)
  • Once you pay the subscription you will see your Card on your Dashboard.
  • You can order the Rupay Physical card by paying ₹60 delivery charge.

Dhani One Freedom Card Use Limit and Charges:

Here is one more tricky offer by Dhani, even if you get a Credit limit of ₹10,000 or ₹1,00,000 you can not use the full amount in one day. But you will get to see one Daily Limit below your digital card in the Dhani app.

Then if you use the daily limit to purchase anything and generate a 3 month EMI you will have to pay a stamp duty of ₹150 on that transaction.

Dhani Loan Card Customer Care Service:

If you are in need of a Dhani loan card or any other Dhani help, you can contact their customer care by calling on the numbers given by Dhani Support Check Here.

If you are not satisfied or nobody is helping you you can file an RTI to ask them about your issue.

Dhani Card HelpCall: 0124-6165722
Dhani Loans HelpCall: 0124-6165722
Dhani Credit Line HelpCall: 0124-6165722
Email[email protected]

Over All Conclusion:

The overall conclusion from my point of view says you should not take any chance to get this Dhani Freedom Card. If you need any kind of loan try to find other ways to research it and then apply for the loan.

No personal hate for Dhani App but It’s my suggestion not to fall for the 0% interest rate and get stuck in the Monthly Fees+Stamp duty for just ₹1000 daily limit.

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