Coronavirus symptoms are the topmost important topic everyone should know in today’s life that’s why In this article we will be sharing Coronavirus symptoms day by day in kids, symptoms in adults, and symptoms in old age people.

Even though this virus is developing itself and making itself stronger every day but still with the help of research we could able to recognize it by some common symptoms shown in people.

With the help of this study, we are now able to find out the coronavirus symptoms and could start our medication as soon a possible.

Most Common Coronavirus Symptoms:

Coronavirus symptoms can be different for different people, even the intensity of symptoms is different for different age categories. According to the current state of the country, it is seen that children under 16 years old may be infected a lot in the 3rd wave.

Most common symptoms:

  • fever
  • dry cough
  • tiredness

Less common symptoms:

  • aches and pains
  • sore throat
  • diarrhoea
  • conjunctivitis
  • headache
  • loss of taste or smell
  • a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes

Serious symptoms:

  • difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • chest pain or pressure
  • loss of speech or movement

CoronaVirus Symptoms completely depends on one’s immunity system that how prompt their symptoms look like. There are people who are infected but doesn’t have any symptom because there body is stronger enough to fight with this virus.

While on the other hand few people get mild symptoms and few may have serious symptoms. Before reaching the serious stage, it is always better to find it out at the first stage and start your medical course.

Coronavirus Day By Day Symptoms:

Generally, the most common symptoms of coronavirus are very much similar to our normal colds like normal fever, fatigue, and dry cough. This makes it a little complicated to realize at the very first stage.

But your body will give you signs if it is a normal cold or different because the symptoms are more painful than the normal cold symptoms so listen to your body and do not ignore it.

Coronavirus symptoms generally last for 5 weeks as per the research, so even if you are completely recovered and fight against the virus you will still fall sick because it makes your body weak and more prone to cause other diseases.

It is really important to take proper diet, and observe yourself continuously if your body seems to behave differently listen to it and ask your doctor for help.

coronavirus symptoms day by day

Coronavirus Symptoms In Kids:

Coronavirus has been seen in a lot many children till now and according to the research, it will going to infect more children in future than the older people. So you must have the awareness of the coronavirus symptoms in kids, what are the general symptoms that have been seen in children according to the research.

Observe your child on daily basis, ask them if they are feeling well or if they have any kind of unnecessary fatigue. The followings are some of the symptoms that you can check.


It is very normal if your kid gets tired of sports activities he is doing the whole day. But in the end, he/she wants to play again with full of energy. If you find a lack of energy in your child for a longer time, if he/she has joint pain, body pain like thigh, head, arms, and legs then just don’t ignore it.

Lack Of Sleep:

Usually, the children are gifted by undisturbed sleep because at their age they don’t have any tension, pressure. But if your kid could not sleep that can also be because of coronavirus as per the research. It is seen that every 5 children face a lack of sleep problem when they have coronavirus.


Weakness is a very common symptom found in the body due to coronavirus. Your kid may feel lazy, uninterested in doing activities as he/she was going through the weakness.

Loss of Smell:

As per the research going on children’s symptoms of coronavirus, it is seen that the loss of smell is a very common symptom found in kids. With this child also face the problem like the altered taste, ear pain, uncleared vision, etc.

Mood Swings:

Actually, mood swings are very common and natural in children as Children. In a day they go through lots of emotions like they cry a lot they laugh a lot they get angry and whatnot. But according to the research it is seen that children become more irritable than the regular days when they have corona infection for a longer time.

Headache and Dizziness:

Headache, dizziness, and fatigue are few symptoms that are shown in almost every child who had corona. This is very common and obvious because of weakness and lack of immunity.

Corona Symptoms In Adults:

If you have come anyway came in contact with coronavirus you may see the following symptoms in you. Once you see the symptoms are close enough to corona then quickly seek a doctor. If you have taken a vaccine then you can be at little ease as the risk has been reduced by a few percentages.

Followings are the few symptoms that are seen in adults with corona:

  1. Cough
  2. Sore Throat
  3. Headache
  4. Fever
  5. Muscle or Body Ache
  6. Shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing
  7. Fatigue
  8. Nausea Or Vomitting
  9. Diarrhea
  10. Runny Nose
  11. Loss of taste or loss of smell

Coronavirus Symptoms In Old Age:

Old age people can also get infected with coronavirus and that could be dangerous for them as they have less immunity power than the adults. So it is better to keep your parents or older people indoor.

The symptoms for old age people can be anything from the above list. The research has been seen the above symptoms in old age people too. So if in case you feel your parent’s health is not well immediately contact a doctor.

Get your parent vaccinated and create a happy comfortable environment indoors so they don’t feel the need to going out of the house. Once doses of vaccination are completed the risk of getting infected or getting into a worse health condition is reduced.

Coronavirus Symptoms Vs Cold Symptoms:

People are getting confused between the normal cold symptom and coronavirus symptoms and which is so obvious because they are pretty much similar to each other.

But your body gives you the signal that it is not the usual symptoms of cold and it is something different you just have to listen to your body. This becomes difficult when comes to children as they cant tell you what they are feeling.

Both the Coronavirus Symptoms and Cold Symptoms are compared below hope it will help you recognize the corona.

Coronavirus SymptomsNormal Cold Symptoms
Fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, fatigue, headache, extreme muscle and body pain, loss of taste and smell, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, goiter, runny nose, coughFever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, stuffy nose, body ache, headache, chills, and fatigue

These are all the symptoms of coronavirus. There are lots of changes found in coronavirus symptoms day by day. If any new symptoms are found and confirmed by research we will surely inform you.

If you still have any doubt feel free to ask in the comment section.

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